Tyler's 4th birthday party--ideas

Well, Tylers birthday is coming up in July and I am trying to figure out what we can do for his party

1. Chuck E Cheese
2. Captain McFinn
3. Pittsburg Zoo
4. Regal Cinema
5. Build a Bear

I dont know, Anyone have any ideas??? My even a cook out at my house!!! I dont know


  1. Oh man, Chuck e cheese always gave me a migraine so I can't say go there :) The other places sound good though. I alwasy used to go to the Embassy suites hotel - rent a suite and have the party there! The kids would go swimming, there was room for the parents...maybe a sleepover.. and NO CLEAN-UP~

    Stopping by from harriets comment love to say hi,

  2. I love Chuck E. Cheese, despite the fact that most people consider it the 7th ring of hell. Sounds like a lot of fun ideas! What a lucky boy.

  3. I know this post was from 3 years ago but I am having my daughter's party in July and I was thinking of doing a Captain McFinn's Party. Did you ever go there for the party and if so what was your review on it? I have hunted online and can't find any and you're the first blog to have anything posted about it that I have ran across! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


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