Starting Friday

Starting Friday I have something special I am doing every Friday for my favorite band (Adelitas Way)....I am helping them get the word out about them...their new video is coming out soon!!!!

Myself with Rick and Creightone from Adelitas Way

Myself and Keith from Adelitas Way

Adelitas Way Performances

Accostic version of Inviniable and Last Stand (omg creighton and rick are hot....shhh)Rick has a kick ass voice....He can hit notes I cant hit!!! Rick explains about last stand what it means and such and I so totally agree with him. When I hear it I start crying.....

Them in concert singing "so what if you go"

As you can tell they are my favorite band.....Well i want them to make it big.... Get their self titled album in stores or on itunes...Also please call into your local radio stations to request "Last Stand" which is thier new single......So stay continued for more


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