Monster Truck Nationals

Last Nite we took the kids to see a Moster Truck Show at the Covelli Center! It was mine and the kids' 1st show. My husband was so excited to see this! He was like a kid in an candy store.

Before the Show they had a "Pit Party" where you could meet the drivers and see the trucks...Here are the drivers

They also met the "Star Boyz" which are stunt motorcyclist. Tyler was in love with " Angel"! He gave her a kiss and said "would you be my girlfriend" and I laughed so hard!!!

They had 4 competions with the Monster trucks.....One to see who could do the best donuts....One driver threw his steering wheel out of his truck. The next was smashing cars. Another was a race to see who could get over the cars the quickest, and last was free style....

BigFoot won 2 competions!!!! Bad Habit won the Freestyle

The nicest driver was Joycelyn who drove High Maintence. After her freeystle she jumped into the crowd and shook hands and took pictures with the kids.

Overall this was a fun event for the family. He ring host "Porkchop" was hillarious. He did a Michael Jackson dance, gave shirts away, and also gave a little boy a brand new bike.

I cant wait to see another Monster Truck Show. My kids enjoyed it and are still talking about it this morning!!!


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