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Eden Fantasys-I Love Halloween.

Eden Fantasys has some wonderful items to spice up your sex life. I enjoy looking around to see what my husband and I can use to spice up our sex life. I have been looking around to see what kind of Halloween costume to get. I love seeing what new costumes are on the site and also what kind of fun I can have outside Halloween. I also would love to try out the Massage therapy kit not only to get some relaxation but also for a little fun when it comes to adult time. Eden Fantasys has a wide range of Vibrators. Love the different types of vibrators and seeing the wonderful variety of types of vibrators. As a person who had never used a vibrator. After looking threw EdenFantasys website. I found the "perfect" vibrator for me. Everytime I look at EdenFantasys website, I always find something I want and absolutely have to buy which I enjoy from a website cuz that means I will always come back for more. My husband has his eyes set on a new toy but he won’t tell me what it is. I h…


As a woman who is 29 years old, who had found a lump in her breast at the age of 25 When I went to get a mamagram of my breat, I was given the run around about me being too young to get this test done. They needed to double check with the DR even though the dr is the one who called and made the appoinment and sent me in with a script for the mamagram. Why do people do this? You can get breast cancer at any age. Praise God that there was nothing wrong with my breast and it wasnt cancer but there are alot of women who find a lump and it turns out to be cancer. As a woman and person, I am so supportive of Save the Tatas and so is my family. Breast Cancer runs in my family so I have to be careful. Some of the strongest people I know have beat breast cancer. Also dont forget October is >Breast Cancer Awarness Month!

Disney on Ice

My family and I when to see Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream. It was a wonderful show. My son loved the Princess and the Frog segment of the show. My husband and daughter loved the Tangled segment. I loved the entire show. My daughter said She wished there would have been all the princesses in the show. I thought the horse (maxiums) was hillarious in the show. My family were on the edged of their seats threw out the show.

I also was very impressed by the skaters. They did a wonderful job