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Long over due update with Pics

So much has been going on!! Hailey and Tyler are loving school. Which I am so happy about! Sascha finished college as of November 14, 2009! I am getting ready to turn 28 on November 28....I have been getting some test done since I have been having really bad chest pains and shortness of breath! Its not my heart!!! Praise God! I found out I have Asthma and possiably sleep apnea! We are getting ready to move in with my Grandma to help her out! Keep ur fingers crossed!!! LOL!!! I will finally be done with school Feb 20, 2010 and I cant wait.

Congrats Sascha

I am so proud of my husband. As of tonight, He is a college graduate. He wont walk till May 2010! I am so proud that he started something and finished. So he has an Associcates Degree In Applied Science (Information Systems Engineering)

Congrats Sascha