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Things that has been going on

Well I am done with school till Aug 31 thats when I start my Internship. Yeah! Both Sascha and I made the Dean's List this term! I go in for surgery on Tuesday and I am nervous as can be. My friend Tairah is getting a pacemaker put in on Monday so I am worried about that! Miss Hailey does not officially start school till August 31! I wont even get to see her get on the bus! Ugh! I dont know when Tyler starts yet! Please Keep everyone in your prayers

Busy Busy week

Next week I have finals...UGH!!! Less than 100 days till I have my Associates Degree in Applied Science!!! Yeah!!!

Im in a Musical Mood Today

For some reason today I am in a listening to music mood....My top 5 songs I am listening to today are

5. Decode by Paramore

4. Never Too Late by Three Days Grace

3. Addicted by Saving Abel

2. I'd Come for You by Nickelback

1. Careless Whisper by Seether

If you get a chance you tube these videos and listen to the words and the video. They all made me cry

Chinet tableware giveaway from Mommy World

Mommy World is having a great giveway. Please check it out

Wordless Wednesday

This explains a day at my house....HAHA

Enrolling the kids in school update

Well, Tyler is enrolled in Headstart!!! Yeah! Miss Hailey just needs to wait on her Birth certificate. I just ordered it today! I pray it gets here soon!

Free Food from Schwans

Free $10 in food from Schwan's Food

I just order a pack of 8 hamburger patties for FREE!!!

Schwan is giving the first 500,00 people $10 in free food. You don't have to order anything else or put in your credit card info. There is no shipping and handling charges either.

This is a great deal.Who doesn't like free food?



My Best Friend

Well my best friend just told me he is going to Afganistan in Jan 2010. I am crying cuz I worry alot about him! We have been been best friends for 16 years. Please keep him in your prayers!

Surgery Update

I am scheduled to get an endometrial ablation (which is going to remove the lining of my uterus) because I have endometrial hyperplasia (is a condition that occurs when the lining of the uterus (endometrium) grows too much. It is a benign (not cancer) condition.)So please keep me in your prayers

Musical Monday #1

This was my Grandpa and mine song....And it just gets to me


Alot has been going on. After my grandpa passed away, my uncle passed away July 7, Tyler had his birthday, and we moved. Now I 2 weeks left of this term! I am so worn out! Plus I am getting surgery on Aug 18th!

I need a break!

New House

we finally moved into a new house! I so love it. I am still putting the house together! So please dont mind the mess