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Hailey won Little Miss American Rose Girard City Princess.

Congrats to my Hailey. She won Little Miss American Rose Girard City Princess. I am so proud of my baby. She will be competing in the state pagaent in Ohio on Sept 30.

Mommy and Me Monday

I have been away for awhile for some personal reasons going on in my life. So here is so updated pics.

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I need to vent

I haven't been blogging for awhile. I have alot going on in my life and I don't have anyone to talk to really about it beacuse I dont have alot of friends and my family is very private. I cant hold this in anymore. I am trying to stay calm and strong for my kids. Well you all know my dad passed away from cancer in Feb. Well not even a few months after my dad passed away my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung and brain cancer How am I suppose to deal with this and stay strong for the kids? I have moments I just wanna cry all day or I have moments that I just wanna be a total bitch. How do you deal with this? I pray but I dont know if God hears me.

Sorry I have been MIA

Alot has been going on here. UGH! I have been busy with School. We moved. I am dealing with alot of things in my life right now. Tyler just has his 4th birthday! Hailey is in Virgnia with her OMA (grandma in German). Hailey will be starting dance next month. I am so excited. So I am going to be back to Blogging.