7 years later

I cant believe that 7 yrs ago, Sascha and I had our 1st date and got together! We have been threw so much these past 7 yrs. We have had 2 kids, finally got married. Also delt with alot of drama and death in our lifes. I think this has only made us stronger.

Every year, Sascha buys me flowers and our joke is to put a black rose in there. He has been buying me roses made of wood, which I can keep forever

Sascha does have his ups and downs but he has been my rock. Especially with my Dad's death. I have learned to not to take him forgranted to treasure him each and every day.


  1. Awww...so sweet!! I'm so happy for both of you!! It's always a blessing to have someone you can depend on....I know!!


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