Kodak EasyShare MD863 bundle review

This past summer I had bought this camera, in hopes of being able to capture the natural scenes around me and, I will assure you, this camera will do just that. I also wanted to be able to capture moments in my kids lives.

For starters, I have charged this camera I total of three times, in the last few months, and I have noticed that It last very long. I admit I don't use it as much but when I do I am never disappointed.

Secondly, the features. To sum it up, they are brillant. The pictures come out so sharp, so natural, and one thing that makes this camera stand out is its ability to take landscape shots. After taking my first landscape shot, I must admit, I was hooked, and you will be to. Then it's the capture of film of things around me. I added a memory card in it, for extra storage, and I must admit that was a brillant idea and combination. I had made two videos of a relative's first birthday and, both the film and the sound, came out clear and precise. How can one go wrong with that?

Thirdly, the accessories. For a while, before purchasing this camera I have seen multiple other cameras that seem to be good but they are far more expensive and have not a single accessory included. But as soon as I saw this, and the amount of accessories it came with, I just new this would have been it. From the cloth to clean the lens, to the actual liquid to clean it is remarkable and especially when it is associated with the Kodak Brand.

A must have, if you want great quality, and amazing accessories.


  1. i have the same exact camera and it stopped working a month after i got it, and they wouldnt take it back. it sucks bc i loved that camera

  2. There should be a warranty with it if you bought it brand new....get ahold of kodak directly and see what happens.Nothing to lose.........


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