Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies Review and Giveaway

Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies have given me the oppertunity to do a product review for them. The sent me a set of 4Vanilla-Cupcakes.

"In 1983, Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies opened its doors, making spectacular cookies available to the public in simple cookie tins. Our founder, Jimmy Libman, was a dedicated businessman, deaf from birth, but never handicapped by the physical obstacles he faced. Jimmy delivered a great product, and word of his great-tasting cookies crept forward from the mouths of his customers.

Delicious Gormet CookiesA few years ago, Jimmy stepped back from the center of the arena and left the responsibility of producing Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies in the hands of a small team of successors.

Today, it is the mission of our team to make sure that Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies no longer remain a secret. Tens of thousands of cookie lovers and even casual cookie-eaters already enjoy an unequaled cookie experience, but hundreds of thousands, even millions, more have yet to try our cookies."

They offer more than just cookies. The offer muffins, cupcakes, ect.

My kids loved the cupcakes. They got to frost them on their own and put sprinkles on them. They even made a video of what they thought!!!

The kids had a blast doing this and I even thought they were very tasty.

Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies is giving one of my readers a pack of 4 Vallina Cupcakes

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Giveaway Ends March 18,2010


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