Crazy Stupid Love Review

Crazy, Stupid, Love might be one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. I howled with laughter and did not want it to end! I was thinking going into it that it would be another cheesy romantic comedy, but boy was I wrong. It was so darn funny!
There’s a few storylines that are all interconnected. The main one is with Cal, the newly single dad who is completely clueless on today’s dating world. Jacob, played by Ryan Gosling, discovers him wallowing in self-pity in a bar whining to anyone who would listen (or not listen) about his wife cheating on him. Jacob feels sorry for him and decides to take him under his wing and give him a makeover in every sense of the word. They shop for new clothes, haircuts, and work on how to talk to woman. It’s funny to see Cal at first mess up so badly when he first meets a woman. I even felt sorry for him! He does eventually get the swing of things and becomes a regular ladies man picking up different women, but having no real relationships…more like one night stands.
In the meantime, there is the babysitter and Cal’s son Robbie. Robbie is in love with Jessica and even embarrasses in public at his school professing his love to her. Jessica, on the other hand, is secretly in love with Cal, and decides one day to take nude photographs of herself! Don’t worry you don’t see anything! When her parents unwittingly come across the nude photos, all hell breaks loose. At this point, I truly felt sorry for Cal because he had no idea that Jessica even felt that way about him!
Then there’s Hannah. She’s a pretty red head lawyer dating another lawyer (who happens to be played by Josh Grobin!) At the beginning of the movie, she meets Jacob in the bar and he tries to put his moves on her, but she rejects him. She later runs into him at the bar after she has a fight with her boyfriend and ends up going home with him. Watch for the Dirty Dancing scene where they mimic Baby running into Johnny’s arms and he does the “lift”. I loved that scene! Anyways, Hannah and Jacob end up chatting all night long and you can tell they are falling for eachother. This is definitely new territory for ladiesman, Jacob.
At this point, I was still trying to figure out how Hannah fit into the movie and that revelation didn’t come until towards the end. Then things finally made sense. I won’t give it away though because I was truly surprised! That was the best part I think.
There were some big name actors and actresses in the movie including Kevin Bacon, (plays the guy that Cal’s wife, Emily cheats with) and Marisa Tomei (plays the first woman Cal hooks up with AND his son’s teacher!).


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