Monster Jam Review

Oh man, I have never seen my 3 kids (including my husband) so excited to see something in my life. They were like kids in a candy store. My husband Sascha was so excited to see Grave Digger. My son Tyler loved Brutus and Spike that we had to go to the store today and buy the trucks. We also had pit passes and boy it was packed. We got to all the drivers but 2. The kids had a blast.

My husband and kids were screaming in the stands cuz they were having a blast. We had some wonderful seats. Right smack in the middle and up front. I loved it. Our favorite part was at the end when Grave Digger was doing freestyle and he did a great jump and ended up breaking his tie rod. But he put a wonderful performance.

Thank you Feld Entertainment for the oppertunity to see this show.


  1. Oh wow... what fun! We used to LOVE going to the monster truck shows! Haven't been in years.


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