How would you feel??

I am so confused with my feelings right now. How would you feel if you graduated colllege an NONE of your family showed up except for my kids and Sascha who was graduating also. My father couldnt make it cuz he passed away but my mother never called, texted or showed up. Neither did my siblings. Well my sisters wedding was today and I couldnt make it cuz I had to work and she didnt give me enough time to request off plus I live 5 hrs away! It pisses me off that they say they were coming and I was looking forward to it. I feel like they dont love me. They say I am being childish and dramatic for wanting them here and being upset. It hurts cuz that I just lost my dad and wanting my family to be there for me....But they dont. I am sick of it. I have Sascha and my kids and a wonderful mother in law.


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