Another Blog Award

I have been given this award by Jeni @ Blogamajig !
The rules state that I have to share 5 things about me & pass this on to 5 Beautiful Bloggers. So here goes.....

1) I just recently finished school and in May 2010, I will be graduating college and get my Associates Degree in Applied Science.

2) I also am a Registed Medical Assistant.

3) My father just recently passed away.

4) I have been married since September 28, 2006.

5) I am going back to school for Health Information Technology.

Here are my 5 choices to give this award to

1. Tree @ mother of pearl it is

2. Laine @ lanie j and co

3. Krystyn@ really are you serious?

4. Kati @ country girl city life

5.Stacie @ simply stacie


  1. Thanks Michelle! I'll try to follow up and post in the next few days.

  2. Thank you, my darlin!! You know I love you too. MUAH!!

  3. Thanks, hon..I appreciate you passing it along.


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